12pm - 8pm

Hollins Market

1100 Hollins Street

Baltimore, MD




36th Annual Sowebo Arts & Music Festival 

Sunday, May 26, 2019

be a part of the festival

                          are the lifeblood of the Sowebo Arts and Music Festival.

They supply us with the means to create spaces in which artists and the local community can interact.

This event is a great place for                          to market their wares and supply attendees with food, artwork, crafts, and other goods.

What would an art festival be without its                          The streets in this community wouldn’t feel as vibrant if it were not for the music and performances enjoyed by young and old throughout the historic festival grounds.

The Sowebo fest wants you to                       We depend on you, the visitors to the community, as you are key to making this 36th anniversary celebration a success.


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36th Annual Sowebo Arts and Music Festival

Sunday, May 26th 2019

12PM to 8PM

Historic Hollins Market

1100 Hollins Street

Baltimore, MD 21223